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The Tribe One Mountain Cord™ is the perfect hybrid of bungee and cordage. Made from braided 1/8” shock cord the Mountain Cord™ can stretch up to 8.5 feet and can hook back into itself at any location. It’s the ideal solution for securing gear in the back of a truck / trailer, or used as guide lines for a tent / shelter. With use of the included PackTach’s, the Mountain Cord™ is a great solution for securing gear to your pack in any custom configuration.

Mountain Cord™

    • Material: 1/8” Shock Cord
    • Rested Length: 4 Feet
    • Stretched Length: 8.5 Feet
    • Tensile Strength: 500 lbs
    • PackTach Load Force: 60 Lbs
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • * Includes two 4 foot lengths of Desert Cord six S-Biners
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