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Nearly four years ago Tribe One Outdoors sadly had to close its doors and pull its products off the market. After years of dedication and hard work by a small group of people, it was a very difficult yet necessary decision to make. The hardest part was having to say goodbye to an amazing group of hunters, backpackers, and general outdoor enthusiasts who shared our belief that spending time in the outdoors helps us to realize our true nature.


Recently while camping in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been in the Unitah mountains of Utah, something very simple happened. While stretching out an old tattered set of Jungle Cord from a tree to a tarp a comment was made.  "This would have been a great product picture for Jungle Cord!". Backed by the amazing view of a steep mountain side, the Jungle Cord stretched across the foreground, this statement rang true. Over the course of the next few days a few questions kept finding their way into our conversations...

What if?

What if there was a different path we could have taken?

What if we threw in the towel to soon?

What if we could have found a way to keep the doors open 4 years ago?

What if we could find a path to once again create simple solutions for basic problems in the outdoors?

We are trying to determine whether or not there is still interest in the Tribe One product line. If you would be interested in seeing our  products become available again, please let us know. Fill out the form below to give us you feedback. Thanks for your time and remember to get outdoors!

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