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Field & Stream First Look: Cool New Gear From the Outdoor Retailer Show

Category : Press · by Oct 7th, 2014


Article by Slaton L. White
Given the emphasis on mountain bikes, climbing, and standup paddling, you might be forgiven if, at first glance, you think the show doesn’t merit your attention. That would be a grave error, as this show has a lot to offer hunters and anglers. Many of us camp, and many of us backpack into remote areas to enjoy the wilderness. This show caters to that spirit, and as a result, it has a ton of tents, sleeping bags, packs, boots, knives, flashlights, and all the other cool stuff that make camping fun. If you peer deep enough, you’ll also find a surprising number of hunters here as well. When I stopped at one booth to look at a pair of full-rand boots, the manufacturer rep asked, “Elk hunter?” I nodded, and he said, “Me, too.”

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