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Tribe One PackNet

Written by Paul Wowk
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When backpacking, tying things to my pack is a requirement. There are not many backpacks big enough to carry my tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad inside. Tying to the outside is a must, and usually it involves simple knots and a rope. I thought that a rope would be sufficient until I saw the the Tribe One PackNet. They have come up with a much better solution to tie stuff to a pack.

Tribe one offers multiple PackNets for multiple purposes. These products include the LP Series PackNet, the OP series MiniNet, the RackNet, and the PackTach Set. This review covers the LP Series PackNet which comes with 6 individual PackTach carabiner. Everything can be bought separately, however, the PackNet and the PackTach carabiners work extremely well together.

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