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The idea is simple. First is to design & develop products that solve basic problems with simple design, and second to play a small role in promoting life in the outdoors. Nature is the great equalizer regardless of who you are. This equalizer gives people an opportunity to realize their true nature as human beings. The concept that we are all connected on some level is at the core of Tribe One. In essence, that we are all part of one tribe.

Created out of Tribe One PackNetnecessity, the PackNet and PackTach are simple ideas that solved a basic problem we caTribe One packtachme across while getting ready for a backpacking trip. With a knack for tinkering and the conversion of a backyard shed into a small shop in 2011 we started creating small inventory of nets in preparation for a small local farmers market. From these local markets and events we quickly started to gain a strong grass roots customer base who Tribe One shedhave become honorary members of “The Tribe”. In the following years our products have found steady footing in the outdoor market. As we continue to grow, Tribe One continues to introduce additional products that are simple solutions to basic problems.Ogden Farmers Market

Also introduced in 2011, following in the tradition of the PackNet, the MiniNet was developed to address the needs of smaller daypacks and sports bags.  The MiniNet grew in popularity among adults and kids alike as, for the first time, the MiniNet enabled people to be able to free up space in daypacks and sports bags.  Once cumbered by larger items like large balls for soccer, basketbaTribe One MiniNetll, football and rugby or shoes and wet water sports gear, the MiniNet separated this gear to the outside of the bag or pack without having to juggle multiple items.  Wet gear also stored better using the MiniNet allowing it to dry out on the outside and keeping dry gear separated inside.

Next came the RackNet.  Seeing the way many sports enthusiTribe One RackNetasts Tribe One RackNettried to attach gear to ATV’s, stand up paddle boards, luggage racks and the like, Tribe One net predecessors were adapted into a net that secured such gear without the need for having to mess with various bungee cords and ropes and the RackNet was born.

With these products, Tribe One’s growth continued to expand from local to national and then to international sales and Tribe One Rhino Tiedistribution networks.  Soon after, Tribe One developed the exclusive rights to sales and distribution of the Rhino Tie, the first twist tie with industrial strength and application.

In 2014 on the back of overcoming multiple bungee cords to attach things to gear and gear racks through the RackNet, the Jungle Cord was born.  The Jungle Cord was an instant hit with Tribe One JungleCordmembers of “The Tribe” and new customers, virtually eliminating many of the problems and challenges faced by the use of the standard bungee cord with a new twist on an old idea.  Combining the Jungle Cord with the Tribe One’s exclusive pack Tach System, users were no longer hindered by limited ways of attaching bungee cord’s end hooks.  What’s even better, with Jungle Cord came the ability to securely reattach the hooks from the ends of the cord back onto the cord itself along any point.

Tribe One Outdoor Retailer BoothContinued growth from growing local and national media attention, expanding Tribe One dealerships, travel throughout the country to various trade shows and increased sales through the introduction of Jungle Cord led Tribe One to move from the origTribe One Warehouseinal small backyard shed to larger commercial warehouse space in 2015.

In 2016, with continued growth and product expansion, Tribe One introduced the Desert Cord, a Jungle Cord in a more compact design.  Like the Jungle Cord, the Desert Cord can be reattached back to itself along its entire length using carabiners rather than hooks for attachment.

As we continue to grow, Tribe One will continue to introduce additional products that are simple solutions to basic problems.